Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ryan Jordan Sensor Testing II

Electronic sound artist and curator of noise=noise Ryan Jordan is gonna install different kind of sensors into 'Hear The Nature' garment of Christina. When audience get close to the garment, which can generate some nature sound, depending on the distance between the garment and audience.

It's an experiential cooperation between electronic sound artist (left) and fashion designer (right).

Because different sensors are installed into the garment, creating new effect of 'Hear the Nature' garment.

Wires and chips behind the garment

Ryan has installed two Distance Measuring Sensors into the garment, one is at the front, the other is at the back, with different sound effect. When audience get close to the garment, which can generate sound by the garment itself.

Also, Ryan will stick two SoftPot Membrane Potentiometer on the installation of the garment. Since audience touch the installation, the garment can generate different amazing effect of sound.

The other two Dual Axis Accelerometer Breakout Boards will be put on performer's hand. When the performer moves her hand, it can trigger the sound, transmitted from the garment.


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