Monday, 25 January 2010

Model and actress Zoë Grisedale fitting with Hear the Nature garment

Zoë Grisedale is an actress and model from east London. She is experienced in physical theatre and performance art and loves to combine theatre & fashion, which is reflected in her choice of projects. She was the protagonist in Day Dream Nation’s catwalk performance “Good Morning I’m Sleeping” at the ICA and has performed at Whitechapel Art Gallery, with the Lady Greys and in Geraldine Pilgrims dance piece “handbag” at BAC in Nov 2009. She is a key performer of sell-out performance troupe “You Me Bum Bum Train”, who this year performed and hosted a tent at Glastonbury. Zoë has featured in a handful of music videos for established artists and fronted major U.K T.V commercials.

Discussing the concept of 'Hear The Nature' garment. from left: fashion designer: Christina, performer: Zoë and Curator: David

First fitting at Christina's flat

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